New Zealands not all about rugby!!!!

The rugby world cups coming up soon and so there will be a lot of people coming. Obviously people have to stay somewhere and they won’t be watching the rugby all the time so i’ve recommended a town to stay in and some activities to do. The town i have recommended is………… Glorious Queenstown, because its a choice place with tonnes of activities to do and see. One of the best and funniest activities to do would be skiing on its rad slopes of ice rinks. Or get that heart pumping with an adrenalin activity like bungy jumping or flying foxes and amazing swings. so trust me you will not regret reading my post and doing the activities, Just do it !!!!!!!!!!!

Mufti H day story

Today we had a mufti day and we were trying to raise money for the Kapiti Aquatic centre. so we had to dress up as something begining with H for hydroslide. I went as a hobo and this is my hobos fake story.

My names is Hinamin hugges I am from California USA  I was once a wealth man who owned and raced for BABES USA stock car company, we were stars. Until Jimmy Mclosentosh bet away our company as he thought that the world was going to end on the 10th of the 10th 2010, And it didn’t. so he sued us. So hanky and I went to live on the street. But some how we got on the queen Mary and sailed to nz So from then on we have been living in Weak park in Raumati Beach. Our favourite food was stolen lollies, left over hamburgers and tap water. We are slowly making a come back you will see us in the future. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


 H Day 007




BY Dino

My favorite Play station game

Kia ora
I have a lot of favorite play station games like Need for speed shift, Resistance 2, Battlefield bad company, Band of Brothers and Halo reach. But my favorite game is Call of duty black ops, It is a war/shooting game of witch your aim is to do special and secret missions in different maps ranging from city streets,factorys to jungles.You have a wide range of wepons ranging from knifes to r.p.g (rocket propeled grenades),claymore’s to semtex grenades this games got the lot. There are different modes like campaign, multiplayer, online and best of all zombies. This game can be bourght for ps3, xbox 360 and wii.5351206081_4eb9ec6d29_m  Attribution 


Wet ‘n Wild.

 Aaaahhhhh bang splash! That was all you could hear as dad was desperately trying to throw us off the biscuit. On the 13 of March my family plus Lucy’s friend Janey all went up to Foxton to go water skiing.

Lucy and Janey were first on the biscuit They went pretty slow as it was Janeys first time. For the people that don’t know what a biscuit is it’s a round blow up shape which you blow up and you lie on it and it gets towed behind a boat.

 When it was mine and Lucy’s go dad floored it throwing us around like rag dolls, it was super buzzy. The knee board was the best as I was carving it up and jumping the wake and doing 360s.

On the way back mum and I went on the biscuit together. She told dad to go slow but I knew he couldn’t resist. He just gunned it, ‘’slow down you Looney” mum screamed. Dad got his wish he sent us straight into the super rough water SLAP! When I bobbed up mum was nutting of at dad, I couldn’t help laughing.

For revenge mum made me go up on the double skis. The water was smooth and calm and also hot as the sun was beating down on me but it was cold to me as I was nervous. Ready, set, go”, dad bellowed. Before I knew it I was up on the skis, it felt like a plane taking off except I never left the water.

The day was awesome because it was a hot, hot day and there was barely anyone on the river. I usually only like the biscuit but the knee board was super awesome as I had a blast on it.

our first rugby game of the season

today our rugby team the Paraparaumu cobras went to petone to play our first game. Firstly we wighted in then we went over to field 3 to warm up. Then our opponents came over,we were versing Johnsonville. When we went on we knew that it was going to be a hard game as jhonsonville had just been in Australia in there pre-season playing rugby. When the wreathe bloo the whistle they kicked the ball Davis caught it and tried to bash through the defence but he went straight to ground. Know matter how much we tried they would just drive over us and get the ball. We did manage to get a couple of tries just managing to jump in front before half time.

When the second half started we had a better plan and so we managed to run them silly. Our plan was to pass and offload when in trouble. Our plan was so good that we managed to pack on the points with style. It was a really fun but hard game I came out with some bruisers and a sore elbow.

My favourite colour

 My favourite colour is one of the most seen colours in the world. You can see it if you look at a field or a bush and sometimes the sea. Can you guess my colour, Its green lime green to be precise. The reason its my favourite colour is because it shows not to hot like red and not too cold like blue or white, Its just right. My favourite bike comes in lime green but I couldn’t find a picture.

image: VOD cars Jason Thorglasen

That is the most rad car ever!!


emu i eat

by Paul Balchin

In New Zealand we have a lot of Emus. Some people think their cute sum thing their ugly. personally i think that they are a weird animal,their like a mini version of a Moa. Well in new Zealand people use to eat them i don’t know if its because they taste nice or there just trying to get rid of them. I wouldn’t eat one because they look like they should be in the dog food factory with the horses. But I guess that they are on this planet for a reason.

military Humvee

  1. Military_Vehicle_Humvee
  2. Type Unarmored: Light Utility Vehicle,
    Armored: Light Armored Car
    Place of origin United States
    Service history
    In service 1984 – present
    Production history
    Manufacturer AM General
    Unit cost Unarmored: $65,000
    Armored: $140,000 [1]
    Produced 1984 – present
    Weight 5,200 lb (2,340kg)—5,900 lb (2,680 kg) curb weight[2]
    Length 15 ft (4.6 m)[3]
    Width 7.08 ft (2.1 m)[3]
    Height 6 ft (1.8 m), reducible to 4.5 ft (1.4 m)[3]
    Engine 8 Cyl. Diesel 6.2 L (~378 cu in)
    or 6.5 L (~397 cu in)[2]
    Suspension Independent 4×4
    Fuel capacity 25 U.S. gal (95 L)[3]
    Speed 55 mph (89 km/h) at max gross weight[4]
    Over 65 mph (105 km/h) top speed

    photo from wylio free pictures


m1 Abrams

my mums tank

This is a m1 abrams heavy tank. The reason that this is my favorite tank is because it is so big and has so much fire power, it has 4 guns and gps tracking.

Production history

> Designer Chrysler defence

>Manufacturer Lima army plant

> Unit cost us$6.21 million

> Number built 9000+


>Weight 61.3 tons

>lenght gun forward 32.04ft Hull lenght 26.02ft

>Hight 8ft

>Crew 4(commander,driver,gunner,reloader

>Amour chobham,Rh armor,steel encased depleted uranium (du) mesh plating.

>Primary armament 105 mm l52 m68 rifled cannon (m1) 120mm l44 m256 smoothbore cannon (m1a1,m1a2,m1a2sep) 42 rounds

>Secondary armament 1x.50 caliber (12.7 mm) heavy machine gun. 2x 7.62 mm (.308) m240 machine gun

>Honeywell agt 1500c multi-fuel tubine engine

>Operational range with nbc system 567.24km

>speed on road 77km speed off road 57km

Image Attribution